Alhindibaa SB Specializes in equipping hospitals & all Health Care Facilities with clinical diagnostic equipment, diagnostic lab equipment and supplies.

Hence our range of products is not only diverse but also comprehensive and includes equipment for Ultrasound Imaging & X – ray, Patient Monitoring, Cardiology, Critical Care, Diagnostic Laboratory, OR and Surgical.

Our services as well offers products for Rehabilitation, Laboratories, Emergency Rooms, Urology, Treatment and Diagnostic Equipment and Even Medical Furniture.

How do we operates

Through a highly professional, skilled and trained personnel using the up– to date tools and resources to ensure the best quality services and applying quality control and performance standards.

We place ourselves along side our customers to gain the best knowledge about the needs at hand, we then take the Concept, Goal, Ideas Information and adapt it to the new Trends in Health Care Industry and finally communicate them in a clear, concise and appropriate solution to the needs.

We consider as Medium organization with 12 payroll employee as sales & Service Engineers, and a side agreement for consultant and after sale services .

We operate through the our Baghdad Head Office to comply with Ministry of Health and all officials entities

What is making us different?

  • Long experience in the market for more than 15 years.
  • Qualified managers with more than 20 Years experience in Healthcare business in Middle East.
  • Qualified Iraqi HR as workforce supported by their international experience in their specialties.
  • Following the international Standard in our activities and management.

After Sale Services

The relationship between Alhindibaa SB and its hospital clients is augmented at delivery and once installation begins and technical

maintenance issues arise after. Not only we are committed to cover the warranty period of our products but we are also servicing maintaining and operating products sold by other supplies .

In order to manifest our abilities and engrave our commitment to highest quality service level, Alhindibaa SB has heavily invested in Recruiting and training the best engineers and technicians who  Are available around the clock to address any maintenance issues.

Immediately we invested in recruiting well trainer and expert

Engineers and technicians and reached 5 engineers at the  moment who most are extremely professional with experience that range from 3 to 5 years.